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VAS Wyvern SE

$ 114.99

2.8lb EPP Foam

Designed for FPV Racing on medium sized courses. The Wyvern is capable of high speeds in excess of 110mph (when properly equipped), but is surprisingly nimble enough to maneuver through standard FPV Race gates.


  • EPP Wings & Center Section
  • One Roll of Laminating Film
  • Welder Adhesive (Will be removed if air shipment is chosen)
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Wood Elevons
  • Motor mount
  • 4 fiberglass spars
  • Winglets
  • Optional Mid Stabilizers
  • Landing skid
  • Control horns, Linkage, Servo Extensions


  • Motor: 2217/8 2300kv
  • Prop: 6x4
  • Battery: DUAL 4s 1800mah 
  • CG is achieved at 6.5-7" from the nose


Recommended Setup: Cobra 2814/2100kv, Cobra 80A ESC, APC 6x5.5E Prop