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Cobra W-40A BL Heli ESC 2s-6s SBEC

$ 39.99

Cobra Speed Controllers are designed with a relentless pursuit of exceptional product quality. These speed controllers are the perfect compliment to a Cobra Brushless motor, and they will also work with virtually any other brushless motor on the market as well. Cobra Speed Controllers are built from the best components available to provide the user with long life and trouble-free operation.

Cobra 40 Amp Wing ESC Specifications
 Weight (With Ouput Connectors)  47.6 grams (1.68 oz)
 Max Continuous Current  40 Amps
 Burst Current rating (15s)  50 Amps
 Operating Voltage Range  6 to 26 Volts
 Number of Li-Po cells  2 to 6 cells
 Number of Ni-XX cells  6 to 20 cells
 Number of Li-Fe cells  2 to 7 cells
 Switching BEC Output  6 amps @ 5.5 Volts
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in mm)  64 x 26 x 14
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in inches)  2.52 x 1.02 x 0.55

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