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Circular Wireless 1.3ghz FPV Antenna - CPATCH12

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This circularly polarized directive antenna is designed to be used in the video receiver. Combined with a Skew Planar Wheel at the transmitter offers around 30Km range.

The antenna is Right Hand Circular Polarized, and is supplied with SMA female connector, and a 90º angled SMA male-male pigtail, with the length needed to connect with a video receiver attached with Velcro in the back of the antenna.


  • Size: 130x158x28 mm
  • Weight: 120 grams


The graphs shown in the product photos shows the Return Loss parameter of the CPATCH12 antenna, designed to cover the channels from 1200 to 1330 MHz.

It is possible to use it at 1360MHz channel, but a small reduction in performance should be expected.


It has a directional radiation pattern, with a maximum gain of 8.6dB, and a beamwidth of +/-45° (total beam width of 90°) in the XZ and YZ plane.


This is especially important in circular polarization. In a simple way (image shown in product pictures): the difference between co-polar component (blue, right hand circular in this case) and cross-polar (red, left hand circular) is the attenuation that will introduce the antenna to capture the reverse polarization, which will come from the reflected signal that we want to avoid to reduce multipath. In these antennas is bigger than 12dB in all cases, which means that the reflected signal will reach the emitter attenuated at least 12dB with respect to the desired signal, which is great to prevent interference with the desired signal.