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RitewingRC Mini Drak Kit

$ 175.00

The Mini Drak capitalizes on the success of the full-size Drak, but takes it to a new level by offering a smaller more manageable size which can be configured to meet all your needs.

The mini is not just a scaled-down version of its Big Brother, it has been engineered to provide the same durability and efficiency but also has the ability to adapt to your changing needs of:

  • Power configuration
  • Purpose
  • Mission Profile

The Mini Drak is fully capable of meeting all your needs as a wing racer, FPV ship or utility airframe.

4s Recommended Setup: Cobra 2814 1700kv, Cobra 60A Wing BL Heli ESC, APC 7x6

5s Recommended Setup: Cobra 2820 1450kv, Cobra 80A WIng BL Heli ESC, APC 7x6